ALTIUS | SOCIMI S.A.. (under capitalization)

With Altius| SOCIMI S.A.. we wanted to combine special characteristics that make a profitable investment, environmentally and socially committed.

Altius| Socimi shareholding is managed with the entry fees paid by investors and bonus program objectives. This Socimi is capitalized through the current round of Investors, for the purpose of incorporation in this year 2013.

Brochure commercial Altius|

Investment in Altius| SOCIMI S.A.. reported various benefits: tax, environmental and social.

The economic benefits are tax-:

  • Stamp tax exemption on constitution, contributions and transfers

  • Income tax for 0%, provided that shareholders are taxed on their "home" to a higher charge than 10%

  • Income tax for 19%, when shareholders are taxed on their "home" to a junior lien to 10% and have> 5% of the share capital of the REIT.

  • Income tax or shareholders IS 21-27%

  • Retention 0% for dividends to non-residents whose incomes are taxed at source 0% in SOCIMI

  • Company listed on the alternative market MAB

  • Investment Liquidity

Altius| Socimi devotes part of its profits to the realization of projects for social, collaborating with various social foundations providing a 0,3% annual profits of the company or developing their own social investment projects.

With a plan of improvements in energy consumption, reduce this consumption by up to 30% performing various actions, not only in terms of electrical energy but lower calorific consumption and water consumption. Our concern for emissions of greenhouse gases in the new adquisisiciones plays a very important, adopatando effective control measures in the construction materials that are sustainable and low toxicity. We apply the latest advances in plant engineering and performed a periodic monitoring of activities so that no deviations.

We focus on long-term sustainability in developing our acquisitions.

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